Why is It Important Not to Delay Tree Removal

Why is It Important Not to Delay Tree Removal

Trees contribute a great deal to the scenic beauty of the exterior of the house and add the right touch of nature to the yard. However, there are certain instances when a tree may pose a severe threat to the safety of the property and its residents and it is better to get it removed without any delay to prevent the following damages;

To Keep The Property Out of Harm’s Way

An unstable tree is no less than a constant bell for danger that may topple at any moment. The tree does not need to be a strong force of wind or a storm to throw it over if it already leaning towards its fall and hence the most feasible solution is to get the tree removed from the roots. The disadvantage of delaying the removal of such a tree is that it may fall over the property, on the power lines which is a potential costly damage and even on one of the family members which is hazardous. All these factors render it absolutely crucial to get the tree removed as soon as possible before conditions like storm themselves do the damage.

To Keep Termites at Bay

For a tree that has already fallen over, the stump that remains behind also render various disadvantages and hence instead of just cutting down tree, it is better to get the stump removed as well. The stump of the tree that is otherwise costly to get removed takes a long period to decay and offers an ideal breeding ground to various kinds of insects including termites which may spread into the house and cause serious damage to the furniture.

In Order to Clear The View

An overgrown tree is not only at the danger of falling over but it also affects the aesthetic of a house. The size of the tree acts as a barrier to the natural view of the house, something which no family desires and therefore it is advisable to get the tree removed before it grows in size and becomes unstable.