What Comes Included in Your Contract?

What Comes Included in Your Contract?

You may be intrigued by the looks and the overall standard of the housing society where your soon to be condo home is located, but it’s very important to know what is exactly included in your purchase agreement. This may not appear too important initially but it could land you with a bunch of issues once you decide to occupy your new space.

Every condo housing society is different. The rules and regulations, the perks and amenities vary based on the association fee, the contract nature and the overall cost of the property. Abeja District Condos is one such housing scheme that offers various kinds of benefits to their customers. Your contract should provide details about a separate storage for additional items which you may wish to stow away for some time when you move in. Also they contract should mention if you would be given a private parking space that would be reserved for you. Will there be parking offered to any visitors or family members that may come over. Is the parking space reserved for you covered or open? All these snippets of information would impact your living standards once you move in to your new house so it is best to be ready and aware of what to expect.

One important aspect to look towards is the association fee that you would be charged with. Some communities charge quarterly, or annually. While others may have a monthly fee that the condo owner should pay. But the real question is, how the association fee is used and is their sufficient funds available in the housing community to handle any major service repair in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado or a major hail storm.

Depending on the associated fee, you may find the purchase of the condo to be either reasonable or out of your budget. So it is best to be fully aware of this before you close in on your new condo.

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