Website Optimization And All Its Essentials

Website Optimization And All Its Essentials

Search Engine Optimization is one way to bring a website higher on the search engine results page or SERPS. This is done by doing certain alterations or introducing certain features to the website that increases its rank on the search engine results page. These changes or features include appropriate keyword selection, adding content and refreshing it, introducing a layout or design which is search-engine friendly and removing any technicality that may cause a hindrance in the process. All these factors increase the relevancy of a website for a search and this determines the rank.

Importance of Website Optimization

The reason why SEO optimization is important is because of the fact that more than 60% of the online audience do not go ahead the first page of a search engine and for proper marketing of a website, it is essential for a website to appear on the first or first few pages to make sure the business continues to exist. SEO optimization or website optimization not only makes a site relevant for any search that is made, it is also bring a product or a service closer to its potential customer. In this way, it is able to attract more buyers at a low cost and therefore becomes an important tool of online business strategy.

Essentials of Website Optimization

Not much has to be done with a website for SEO optimization but it requires some basic factor that could drive it higher on search engine result pages. These include a website being

  • Mobile-friendly because more than 50% of online buyers access the site via their phones.
  • Speedy because any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load has a chance to lose its visitor by 57%
  • Error free to ensure that no pop-ups or broken link or robot.txt error occur that may cause difficulty in accessing the website.