Using Different Types of Boxes to Make a Dollhouse

Using Different Types of Boxes to Make a Dollhouse

Let go of store-bought dollhouses and build one from scratch yourself as a dream house for your little girl and her dolls. Seems tricky? Do not worry as here are some simple DIY dollhouse ideas to turn ordinary boxes into a magical house.

Transforming a Shoebox Into a Dollhouse

A shoebox for adult-sized shoes or perhaps one that originally had boots in it along with the other necessary tools for DIY doll house is all one needs to transform a box into a dollhouse. To do so, the first step is to cut the top of the box in half to use as the roof of the house. Arrange the two halves by sticking them with a tape so that it resembles a V shape. Place the open box on its side and stick the V shaped roof over it which can also act as an attic later. Cut spaces for windows and doors with the help of sharp blade. Lastly, decorate the walls and floor with wrapping paper, set the furniture and you’re good to go. Similarly you can use multiple shoeboxes to design multiple story dollhouse.

A Dollhouse Made From a Large Cardbox

A pizza box for instance is suitable to make a dollhouse from a large cardbox. First tuck the flaps of the top of the box into the box itself to render additional structural support to the dollhouse. Next measure the internal dimensions of the box and use them to determine the number of rooms and divide the width accordingly while dividing the height helps in deciding the number of floors the house is supposed to have. Then take another cardboard box and cut it a few inches longer than the width and height to use them as walls and floors.

Stick the cardboard inside the box to provide the floor. To add a second story, fold either side of the cardboard into the flap and stick it inside the box and then stick the remaining cardboard cuttings as the walls. Make small slits in the floor so that the walls are interlocked with each other . Cut doors and windows and decorate them with paper or paint, set the furniture and the miniature dollhouse is ready to serve as a residence.