The Complete Anatomy of Bongs

The Complete Anatomy of Bongs

There are different pipes that are used to smoke up herbs of all kinds, the pipes may be made of different types of materials, however, rather than the material the anatomy of the pipe itself is quite important. Out of all the pipes the most popular ones are water pipes that are also called bongs, they have a unique anatomy and if you are interested in learning about it then this is the article that you need to read.

If you have ever seen a bong then it would be easier for you to get a better understanding of its parts, you can always visit smoke shops in Idaho Springs if you have not already seen one. Moving towards the basics, the first part of a bong is its base. This is the most important part as it determines the life span of your bong. The base should be sturdy and it should not break after falling.

The next part is the chamber and neck, this is where all the smoke and water goes. To be more specific the chamber holds in the water and the smoke goes to the neck where it cools down before going into your mouth. The longer the neck is the better it is since the smoke stays in the neck longer that way and cools down even more, which is the basic purpose of using a water pipe like bong in the first place.

The thing that actually reduces the temperature of the smoke is called the percolator, it is attached to the neck of the bong. The most common shapes of a percolator are honeycomb, showerhead, and tree. The other name for a percolator is percs that is mostly used.

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