Supporting Veteran Women

Supporting Veteran Women

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of women being drafted in the military. These brave women put everything aside in order to risk their lives for their country. These often unsung heroes comprise of 15% of the US military. More often than not, like most veterans, these women will end up with some form of disability, be it physical or mental. Which makes their contribution and service to the start all the more important and selfless.

Anyone willing to risk their lives for a case they truly believe in deserves to be celebrates, especially these women who represent the epitome of bravery. What we can do to honor their services is to celebrate them in any and every way possible. You can do as little as buy affordable banners in their support to donating whatever you can to organizations working on their rehabilitation.

Previously, most rehabilitation programs were centered around men which often left the woman and their needs unattended. With the increasing number of women being drafted, these policies are being changed with the help of VFW. This organization surveys and records all the ways that the system could be improved to include woman veterans and then moves towards improvements in preexisting policies.

We need to constantly remind our self that the only reason we are able to live a peaceful and fulfilled life is because there are people out there risking theirs to keep us safe. These are the people that deserve a special place in our society for the services they provide.

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