Steps to Finding a Good IP Lawyer

Steps to Finding a Good IP Lawyer

Although patents are the most basic a company needs in order to protect their creations, they can cost you as lot of money to file. That is way hiring a patent lawyer is a good choice to make sure this expensive process goes without any technical flaws.

No matter what type of information you want to save on patent that you want to file, you should always look for these qualities in your potential IP lawyer.

A Prior Experience is Mandatory

If you’ve just started a business, look for a lawyer who has a prior experience of working for startups, and if you have a fully grown business, look for the expert with an extended experience of working for a business just like yours. See what type of patents has your lawyer been writing, and whether a majority of them were passed or not. The process of getting a patent issues isn’t easy at all, so, look for an IP lawyer with more success rate to increase your chances.

The basic part of the while process is hiring a suitable lawyer for the job.

Writing And Presentation Skills Matter Too

Before hiring a lawyer for your patents, read some of his previously written patents and see if you can understand anything out of them or not. If the answer is no, then you better look for another one to do your job.

Proper writing and presentation skills are necessary for the success of a patent lawyer, because this is the only way they can persuade the judges and other people in charge.

Good Communications

Most of the times the patents application that your lawyer writes gets rejected by the concerned department. A good lawyer like one of the Incubate IP patent attorneys call the officer and fix a meeting with them to analyze the causes of rejection. That is why good communication skills are a must have quality.