Metal vs. Paper; What Would You Choose For a Business Card?

All of us have come across business cards at nearly every point of our lives. The source of marketing lies in each of our wallets and while we would glance at them occasionally, most of the times they don’t even hold our gaze for more than mere seconds. However, with the arrival of metallic business cards in the market, the idea has taken a slight shift and the same source of branding is now able to retain attention for a longer span of time; perhaps even years. While paper business cards may still exist, here’s why the metallic ones are gradually taking over.

Quality Over Quantity

A typical paper business card usually costs less than $0.20 per piece and this may seem like a stupendous rate to get going with it since a metallic card costs way more than that. However, a paper business card really doesn’t go a long way; it is fragile and can deteriorate over a period of time. Furthermore, since a business card is handed from one person to another, one made out of paper is likely to get ruined in some time.

On the other hand, a metallic business card, despite its cost helps create an image that lasts way longer than the one brought into existence by a paper one. Any person who receives a metallic card is intrigued by it and it remains in their wallet for a longer period of time which means that the business itself resonates in the back of their mind till the right time.

Create a Bold Statement

A business card made out of paper will introduce a potential client to the brand whereas Metal Kards would create a first impression that will leave the clients dumbstruck. The card is circulated around the market and one client attracts the other one and the chain continues.

Metal Cards Work Strong Regardless of The Limitations

One limitation that such business cards render is that they are available in limited color shades and require a great deal of hard work to convert them into desired shapes. However, despite these limitations, business cards have successfully being adapted throughout the world because they convey the message in a far better way than the conventional paper ones.