How to Choose The Right Laptop For Your Grandparents

How to Choose The Right Laptop For Your Grandparents

If you aren’t a Baby Boomer, then chances are you grew up using a desktop computer or a laptop, per se. Explaining technology to baby boomers or our grandparents can be a bit of a daunting task, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. If they can tolerate us in our diapers, then we think they too, deserve to give in to the temptations of technology.

From surfing Netflix to browsing websites for e-books, we think that a personal laptop for your grandparents is an ideal choice. You can make a couple of social media accounts for your grandparents where they can either join a senior community online or reconcile with their friends.

However, there are a few things that we think you should keep in mind when buying a laptop for your grandparents.

Keep It Relatively Simple

Seniors are most likely to fumble around websites that either demand their personal details including credit card information or expose their systems to viruses and other different kinds of malware or ransomware. As a grandchild, it is important that you install the laptop with anti-virus software that is not only reliable but also wary of unnecessary ads and pop-up banners for diverting your grandparents’ attention.

Purchase a Laptop From a Store Retailer

Consider buying a laptop from a verified store retailer to acquire the manufacturer warranty that usually comes with store-bought devices. In addition, you can also ask for local store coverage to facilitate your grandparents in hardware repairs or occasional inspections (if any).

Store retailers usually provide a number of contact channels to take up on any complaint for the resolution of the issue at hand. Since you wouldn’t be available at all times, use sticky notes and paste them on the fridge or the cupboard at your grandparents’ with information for PC help.