Helpful Tips on Writing Some Amazing Melodies

Helpful Tips on Writing Some Amazing Melodies

Whenever it comes to music, we can never forget the fact that groove is something that happens to be extremely important. However, groove alone is not something that makes the music. Melodies play an important role in it too, and that is where you learn the handful of tips that make you better at melodies.

Now writing or creating groove might be an easier job, but melodies are often the hardest ones. Simply because as a musician and an artist, you might have that feeling in the back of the mind that the melodies you are writing are simply not good enough. You might even feel like that everything you are writing sounds the same.

Considering how you are already familiar with things like contour, range, intervals, structure, and scale. The important thing that we are going to discuss in this article is just how you can write some amazing, and memorable melodies.

Choosing The Right Scale

The first step is to choose the right scale. The reason why I suggest that you start with the scales is that with the right scale, you are actually not going to waste any time finding the right note. The scales are there to choose from, and the sooner you choose the right scale, the better your overall experience is going to be.

Creating The Rhythm

Once you have figured out the scale that you want to use to create the melody, the next part is creating the right rhythm for the melody. The one thing that many people get wrong about melody is that according to them, it is just a collection or a sequence of notes. However, that is not the case, a melody is a rhythmic sequence of notes.

Needless to say, rhythm is something that can make or break a melody, so when it comes to that, do choose it carefully.

Drawing The Contour

Got the rhythm? Perfect. The next step includes creating or drawing a contour that serves as an outline. This is the process which requires you to think. Now the thing here is that you can either use a software, draw this by hand, or make up an image in your mind. Whatever works best for you should be given the priority.

Choosing And Creating The Sound

The thing is that you can actually design your sound before you create your melody. Whether you want to shift things up here or not, is entirely up to you. But I would suggest that you are really careful with that, and only choose the best possible sound for your melody.

Start Creating

The last step involves the creation process. Just keep in mind that the steadier, and the more patient you are, the better the chances of you creating the perfect melody are. So, whenever you are thinking about something like that, always keep it in mind and your experience will be wonderful.