Exercises to Make Your Dog Do

Exercises to Make Your Dog Do

For people who have had dogs for a while now, especially the ones who have dogs that are over a decade old, you should know that there are some very important things you need to undertake. Old dogs require extra care and effort from the dog parents because of their old age. Making sure that your dog gets enough or adequate exercise is important at all age but it becomes even more important while they are growing old.

If you are looking for ideas for different exercises that you can do with your dog then we would highly recommend that you check out housewithaheart.com. this website has a bunch of articles which will help dog owners in finding the perfect exercises as well. With that being said, following are some of the most important exercises to make your dog do, check them out below.

Low Impact Exercise

We get it, older dogs are hard to work with. However, exercise is important for them. Which is why we would recommend that you get them signed up for exercises that are low impact. So if they aren’t into running particularly, you should at the very least take them for a walk every single day. This way they will be moving their limbs which is good enough for a dog their age.


If your dog refuses to move unless some kind of fun is involved then you should consider swimming. Most dogs enjoy swimming regardless of how old or young they are. It is great since it is also a low impact exercise and requires less effort. As an added benefit dogs love swimming or any kind of interaction with water so it would not be a bad way to start off. You can add a couple of toys to make it worth their time as well.