All You Need to Know About Torrents

All You Need to Know About Torrents

We all have used torrents for one reason or another, however, most of us have a negative perspective about torrents. But when the first torrent ever was created the concept was quite different from what we have in mind. This article will help you understand everything there is to know about torrents.

The main idea behind was to create a platform where one could share files with a large number of people regardless of their locations. This was called as the peer to peer file sharing where peers meant the people with whom the file is being shared and the ones who are sharing the files. Basically, a file that has more peers would have more upload and download speed, as having more peers mean that more number of computers are involved and are sharing the load, so your computer can easily upload or download that particular file at a faster rate.

To get the best torrents you can visit But before that, you need to understand some terminologies regarding torrents. We have already discussed what peers are, now let’s have a look at the other important terms. The first one is seeders, seeders are those who have already downloaded the file successfully. The bandwidth of the seeders can be used to upload a file. The sum of the total seeders and peers are called swarm. The files that have a large swarm is the one that should be chosen for download.

There are leechers who only download files, however, their bandwidth cannot be used to upload any files, basically, they do not contribute and a file that has more leechers takes more time to download. In order to keep a track of all the swarm, peers, and seeders, there exists a tracker.

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